Annapolis St. Patrick’s Parade

The Annapolis St. Patrick’s Parade is in its ninth year. In nine years it has grown to be the largest parade in the city of Annapolis in terms of entrants and spectators.

Due to a very low interest of Floats and our intention of keeping the quality of our parade and the weekend at a high level, we have pushed the 2021 September, rescheduled date, to March 6, 2022.

This year’s parade will take place on September 12, 2021 at 1:00PM. The parade route is as follows:
•    Line up at Amos Garrett Blvd. or their designated side-street depending on their position/order of the parade.
•    Make a right turn onto West Street
•    Travel clockwise (the wrong way) around Church Circle and out Main St.
•    Travel down Main Street towards Randall/Compromise Circle.
•    Travel clockwise (the wrong way) around Randall/Compromise Circle.
•    Exit traffic circle via Randall Street.

St. Patrick's Day Parade - March 10th, 2013